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Our Valentine’s Day Dinner

T’was the night after Valentine’s Day.

Rehana and I decided we would have our Valentine’s Day dinner at a restaurant in a nearby hotel.  We love the quiet atmosphere there.


It was quiet at first, until we heard what sounded like singing coming from outside the restaurant. It took me awhile to realize it was the hotel’s resident quartet performing at the lounge. Now I know what the American Idol judges have to sit through during the audition phase.

Meanwhile, I noticed some people carrying  smaller plates at the buffet and recalled learning that one way to control how much we eat was to use smaller plates. But folks, it doesn’t work if you fill your plate with food two inches high, with some food items hanging on for dear life at the sides of the plate.

Anyway, unbearable singing and amusing observations aside, we had a wonderful time. The highlight of our evening was spending more than an hour after our meal just talking over coffee.

Looking forward to another lovely evening, which should be around the same time … tomorrow. Until then, …

I appreciate you.


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  1. Hi Kenneth. So glad that you and Rehana had a wonderful post-Valentine’s Day dinner!


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