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When pirates rule the seven seas

The recent hijacking of a yacht, the S/V Quest by Somali pirates and the subsequent killing of the four American hostages have touched a nerve with me.

Four innocent lives were lost and it appears that they will end up being a mere statistic when the hype is over. Not to me.

To me, they were Jean and Scott Adam, from California, and Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle from Seattle, Washington.


Jean and Scott Adam

Jean and Scott Adam

They were men and women who had families and friends – people who loved them.

But, to these pirates, they were only a means to money – money that the Daily Mail UK reports, would be spent on alcohol, drugs and prostitutes.

What irks me whenever I read about these acts of piracy is that the world seems to be at the mercy of these animals. All I read are warnings given to vessels about pirate activity.

How many more lives do we have to lose before some action is taken against these pirates?

The US and its allies were quick to send troops to Afghanistan and Iraq. They stopped at nothing to hunt down Saddam Hussein. They are apparently still looking for Osama bin Laden, but I digress.

Years later, they are still risking the lives of their young men and women there. Yet, little effort has been made to seek the pirates out and wipe them out, as they did Hussein’s regime.

I’m beginning to think that the Somali pirates are the world’s super power now, since no one has the clout to deal with them. Am I right? Or are there reasons unbeknownst to us for this menace to be allowed to continue?

What do you think?


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  1. I do not believe that the United States should be responsible for policing the world. That said, when Americans of good will cannot travel this world in peace, the United States should do something about it. We need to re-establish that molesting American Citizens will lead to rapid and harsh retribution. In my beloved Marine Corps’ Hymn, we sing “… to the Shores of Tripoli …” in rememberance of our history in going after the State sponsered pirates of Triploi. It is past time to do it again in Somalia.

    • I agree, Robert. The US should not be responsible for policing the world. Sadly, they are the only ones capable of doing so, or taking the lead. I have to feel that they should want to act now, especially since innocent Americans have lost their lives. I don’t think the pirates hijacked the yacht for ransom. It was a deliberate attack against America and all that it stands for. As you said, it is past time to do it.

  2. Great blog Kenneth! So glad to see tough topics being addressed with compassion.


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