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A touching story

I love my weekends.  No schedule to keep to and no traffic jams to deal with.  I have the whole day to myself and Rehana.

Went for a lovely walk with Rehana this evening for about an hour, then ran for the first time since November 2009.  Legs didn’t hurt as much as before but decided not to take any chances.  Only ran two laps on a track.

Thought about what I would blog about today and while browsing online, I found this very touching story about a homeless man who was reunited with his daughter after being apart for ten years.

Daniel Morales and daughter Sarah

Thanks to a New York project, “Unheard in New York”, that aims to give people an idea of what it is like to be homeless, Daniel Morales met daughter Sarah again on Friday. That, and a few updates on Twitter.

Daniel had been posting updates on Twitter about his life for three weeks when he thought of using it to track  Sarah down. He told his followers that he was looking for Sarah and gave them her full name, photo and his mobile number.

The day after, Sarah contacted Daniel and was finally reunited with her dad. Daniel also met his two grandchildren for the first time Friday.

When asked what his message to Sarah would be, an overjoyed Daniel said, “To be a good mother. A good daughter. And for her to know that I’m gonna be here for her for always.”

In a week where there has been an overload of news of unrests in the Middle East, I’m glad to have found a story with a happy ending. It goes to show that there is good if we look for it.

Goodnight everyone!

I appreciate you.


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