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Parents seek justice for baby’s death

This story began on Sunday when I commented on a story about a 2 month-old baby who allegedly choked to death after drinking milk.

I decided to get involved when the baby’s father responded to my comment and revealed certain facts surrounding her death.


Baby Adelia

Her name was Adelia. On the morning of 16 March, baby Adelia was placed in the care of a nursery in Sek 10, Shah Alam while her parents, Muhammad Nizzam and Fariza went shopping for her clothes.

That was the last time they saw her alive.

At 11:36am, Nizzam received a phone call from the nursery informing him that Adelia was motionless. and was being sent to a nearby hospital.

Interestingly, it took the nursery staff a long time to get Adelia to the hospital. Nizzam, who was miles away arrived at the hospital before they did. Adelia later died at the hospital.

Doctors attending to Adelia told Nizzam that she could have been saved if she had been brought to the hospital earlier.

Baby Adelia

Baby Adelia and her sister

While there is no evidence that the nursery was responsible Adelia’s death, there are more questions than answers.

What kind of nursery is this, if there is no staff trained in first aid?

Why did they take so long to get Adelia to the hospital? Were they too busy to notice that a 2-month-old baby had choked?

How can the nursery take in a baby when it appears that no one has a clue about how to feed babies? Surely, Adelia would not have choked if she was properly fed and attended to.

What bothers me is the attitude the owner of the nursery towards Nizzam and his wife after the tragedy. According to Nizzam, no one communicated with him until after he posted a comment on the nursery’s Facebook page.

That comment was later deleted. Luckily, Nizzam took a screen capture of his post. Click the image below to enlarge.

Nizzam's post

The nursery's Facebook page

All Nizzam and his family want now is justice for their Adelia. I hope that by sharing Adelia’s story, someone will come forward with information that will offer Nizzam a sense of closure.

Meanwhile, parents should be aware of the kind of business the nursery in question operates. Are these people in whose care you would place your loved ones?

Please share this with someone you care about. If you want specific information relating to the nursery and Adelia, feel free to leave a comment and I’m sure Nizzam will respond.

To Nizzam and family, nothing can bring Adelia back, but I pray that the precious moments she shared with you will be memories you will treasure forever.

I appreciate you.


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  1. Hi Kenneth

    Thanks for the info. I gather that tomorrow marks the 3rd month since the incident. Nothing much has been done; how frustrating is that, but believable.

    The picture of baby Adelia and her big sister looking at each other just breaks my heart. It’s too sad.

    In my dream world, I would make it compulsory for all nurseries to have cctvs installed to allow parents to view live images of their toddlers on the internet.

    Anyway, I shall wait for your update.

    Kind regards.

  2. Dear Kenneth

    Thank you for the article. I am very sad reading this story. I only found out today by pure chance. However, I couldn’t find anymore news on this and wonder what action was taken by the police/Ministry involved? Surely, someone was responsible for this?

    My condolences to the late baby Adelia’s parents, big sister and family.

    • Hi Cab,

      Thanks for commenting on the article. I have not heard much about it lately due to being busy with work. However, from what I’ve been hearing from Adelia’s father in the months after the incident, nothing much has been done.

      That’s the reason I wrote about it. There is a lot of talk in our country but very little is done once the publicity is over.

      Now that you’ve reminded me, I will check with Adelia’s father and post an update this weekend.


  3. Hi Elyn,

    I can understand the dilemma that many parents face. It is difficult to get by on a single income these days.

    Unfortunately, that problem is what many unscrupulous people are taking advantage of. It is scary to see the number of so-called “nurseries” popping up everywhere.

    Your experience of nurseries abroad shows what is lacking here. In our country, anyone can start a nursery. What’s more, they can employ anyone.

    Since money is the main purpose of their set-up, they will seek the cheapest staff they can get.

    After all, as we have seen in Nizzam and Su’s experience, all the nursery owners have to do in the event of a death or injury, is to act dumb.

    I think it’s time we stop ignoring the predicament of parents affected by these uncaring caregivers.

    As for something being done by the authorities, I doubt we’ll see any action until there is a public outcry.

    Elyn, I would suggest you ask around and look for someone with a reputation for being a good babysitter. There are a few good ones around, I’m sure.

    I’ll see what I can do. Look me up on Facebook ~

    Meanwhile, I hope we can draw more stories to bring this matter to the attention of those concerned.

    Thanks again for sharing, Elyn.

  4. Hi Kenneth,

    It’s really heartbreaking to hear/read such stories on how these innocent lives were cut short due to other people’s ignorance and irresponsible selfish acts!!

    I too have a newborn baby and in 2 months time or so will be sending her to a nursery and God knows how worried I am about leaving her under the care of others! But these days, we have no other options due to our commitments to work and other matters as well.

    I remember when I was abroad, the child care centers only hire those who are qualified (the caretakers have to have certified qualifications ie. on child development, psychology, safety etc). and they have proper first aid training too.

    I’ve seen (and i’m very sure this happens a lot in Malaysia) in some nurseries, when babies cry they just give them bottles and leave it there and then while attending to other babies!
    and some owners, when they do not have enough staffs at hand, they bring along their maids! how crazy is that?!

    I do not know how many more cases of similar fate should we wait before we act.
    What can we do? who should we go to?
    I dont see anything being done. Sadly, other previous cases were now silent, people are made forgotten by it 😦
    I wish I can do something….
    But I do hope that justice will prevail. My prayers to all the parents…be strong.

  5. This comment came from Su, but was posted under a different topic:

    hi, takziah pada family tersebut. saya pernah hantar bayi lelaki saya di daycare, while i go to work. previously i tak pernah ada problem dgn taska tersebut. kerana kakaknya juga saya letakkan bawah jagaan mereka sejak berusia 2 bulan lagi. tapi, sesuatu berlaku pada si adik.

    satu hari saya ambil anak2 saya, terdapat lebam yg merata di muka dan separuh badannya. bila saya tanya pada cikgu yg bertanggungjawab, semua kata tak tau mcmana ia berlaku…itu yg saya kesal dan takut untuk hantar ke situ lagi. serta merta saya buat keputusan untuk tukar tempat jagaan.

    nasib baik, bila sy bawak ke hospital untuk pemeriksaan, doktor mengesahkan tiada komplikasi…tapi sampai sekarang kami masih tak tahu apa yang terjadi pada beliau sebenarnya…saya pun tak ambil apa2 tindakan terhadap taska tersebut, kerana tak tau nak buat apa…mungkin apa yg berlaku pada kami dan kluarga nizzam tidak sama, tapi kecuaian pusat2 jagaan itu memang tidak boleh dimaafkan….

    • Hi Su,

      Terima kasih kerana menyumbang kisah Su.

      Saya lega mendengar tiada komplikasi kepada anak Su akibat kecederaan tersebut.

      Memang susah untuk mengambil tindakan ke atas pusat2 jagaan yang “bersalah” kerana biasanya tiada bukti yang kukuh.

      Tapi seperti kata Su, kecuaian pusat2 itu tidak boleh dimaafkan. Pada pandangan saya, jika cikgu atau penjaga tidak tahu apa yang berlaku kepada kanak2 di bawah jagaan mereka, mereka memang cuai dan patut dihukum.

      Saya harap pihak berkuasa akan lebih mengambil berat tentang keselamatan anak2 kita dan memaksa pusat2 jagaan supaya bertanggungjawab atas segala yang berlaku kepada kanak2 di bawah jagaan mereka.


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