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Adelia’s Report

This is a follow-up to my recent post on the death of 2-month-old Adelia.

I’ve just received the medical report from Adelia’s father, Nizzam. The report details Adelia’s final 15 minutes, in which no fewer than six doctors attempted unsuccessfully to resuscitate her.

The cause of death – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Click the image below to enlarge the report.


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  1. hi, condolences to Arwah Adelia and her family..this is so sad..i’m crying as i go thru the fb fanpage. why do the authorities let any unregistered daycare to operate? its frustrating and frightening..

    several owners said the enforcement are way to strict for them to register. some are passionate about it but do not have the justice to open one. some are just plain ignorant and continue on opening one.

    my daughter is about the same age as Arwah Adelia. and i am searching for a nursery, a registered one, and in support of breastfeeding. however, i am very dissapointed with what i found. all of them claimed to be registered under JKM, but none showed the cert when i requested. and all said they support breasftfeeding, but at the same time requested me to supply formula milk. of course this is another case, if the mom choose to breastfeed, it is another request. but my point is, if that simple request could not be followed, what about the bigger one? what about not-to-leave-a-child-alone-unattended?

    i stumbled upon Adelia’s fb fanpage while searching for information. God, the truth are so terrifying!

    • Hi Tantiana, thank you for sharing your feelings. I was sad that such a tragedy happened but more angry that nothing is being done about it.

      You’re right about the authorities allowing unregistered daycare centers to operate. No one seems to care.

      I would not send my child to a center which refuses to show proof that they are properly licensed. I’m glad you are taking the necessary precautions before sending your daughter to one. Many parents are so ignorant of the risks that they choose the one nearest their home.

      I pray that Nizzam finds justice for his Adelia. May her tragic passing be the catalyst for change in this country.

      Tatiana, I hope you will find a safe haven for your little angel. Sorry, I didn’t get her name. Let’s spread the awareness of the dangers these unlawful centres pose to children and protect or loved ones.

      I appreciate you.

  2. Hi Cindi,

    Thank you for taking time to share your views.

    I guess the lives of babies and children mean more to the authorities in the US than in our country. I hope I’m wrong but it certainly appears that way.

    I know I sound very cynical but I am angry that our children are put at risk every day because the “powers that be” do not seem to care enough to put in place or enforce laws that serve to protect them.

    I will address many of the points you have brought up in my next blog post.

    Thanks again, Cindi.

  3. This is so very sad.
    I worked in Child Protective Services for 7 years and it never ceases to sadden me when I read of a baby dying…especially in a day care situation.

    I read comments on your other blog and can only be glad that I live in the US and our daycare workers have to go thru first aid classes that include CPR and directors have to be licensed as does the center itself. Everyone also has to be finger printed and background checked. There are also child to caregiver ratio’s that are strictly adhered too. In addition, our dept of health oversee’s the centers and does randon, unannounced visits to the centers to assure there are no safety issues in regards to the cleanliness and structure of the building and that ratio’s are being adhered to.

    Most definately the infant caregiver should have noticed the baby not breathing and it certainly should not have taken so long to get to the hospital. CPR should have immediately been started and continued until paramedics arrived to take over.

    VERY VERY SAD….my condolences to the parents!


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