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Introducing Lorna Stewart

Lorna, I’m sorry this has been long overdue.  I planned to post this way back in March but it took me longer than I expected to get it done right.

Lorna Stewart

Lorna Stewart, singer-songwriter

I cannot recall when I first “met” Lorna on Facebook but we went from being “friends” to actually connecting with each other. It was then that I got to know that she’s a singer, songwriter, dancer and part-time model in the UK.

Early this year, she shared with me a demo of a song she’d written and I loved it. I thought to myself, “Wow! I know a real celebrity” and decided I’d boast about it on my blog while sharing her song, “Soul Mate”.

I approached her with my idea – the one about sharing her song on my blog, not of me boasting about knowing her – and she gladly agreed.

Like most writers, I did hours of research. Okay, so she told me her story in an email. Doesn’t matter though since it is a brilliant one that I am proud to write about.

Lorna, or Lornnah as she’s known in the music industry, is the cousin of Natalie ‘The Floecist’ Stewart from Floetry. Talent runs in the family.

Anyway, Lorna started writing songs from the tender age of 10 and recorded a demo at 12. It was then that she was discovered by Tony Hall, one of the UK’s top entertainment managers.

However Lorna’s family felt that education was a higher priority than music, and she stayed in school. When her parents emigrated to their home country Jamaica, Lorna decided to stay in the UK and moved to South London, where she attended Selhurst College (otherwise known as ‘The Brit School’).

Lorna Stewart

Lorna Stewart

While at Selhurst, she met Richard DJ Sticky Forbes and Esther Bennett (Eternal). At one end-of-the-year show, Lorna performed with the band members of the group ‘Feel’. She then joined them as backing singer and later left to pursue her own career.

During this time, Lorna worked with a number of producers including DJ Roger ‘Dodge’ Drakes (If You Want It – Come And Get It). Then, she decided to take a break from the music world.

Now, Lorna Stewart is back. Her music is mainly R&B but she has also written songs to suit all genre’s. There is a House track (100% – produced by Macutchi) as well as an acoustic song (I Wish You – accompanied by David Jubb on Guitar).

Lorna will soon be working with a top UK producer, Neville Thomas and here’s a taste of what to expect. Friends, this is Lorna Stewart singing “Soul Mate”. This one was mixed with a Reggae beat. Enjoy!


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  1. Excellent. Can’t wait to hear more!!!


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