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When I thought of starting this blog back in February, I was apprehensive. This was going to be my third blog. I did not get past five posts in each of my first two attempts at blogging.

I had lots of encouragement from Hana, and when I posted about it on my Facebook page, many friends rallied with their support. My first few posts were very well received too.

Alas, since it is my blog, I became very conscious of what I would write about. That led me to become selective too. Soon, with work taking up (way too much) of my time, it became difficult to seek out inspirational stuff to share.

Being mentally, and at times physically tired didn’t help the process either. Before long, days led to weeks and I suddenly realized that over two months have gone by. My last post was about the Royal Wedding, way back in April.

I decided that in order to keep my blog alive, I would have to get into the habit of writing regularly. The easiest way to do that would be to write about the things that I love dearly.

My friend Sammie posted very good suggestions on my Facebook wall this morning when I mentioned resuming my blog.  Thanks Sammie!

Well, that wasn’t very difficult.  Got my first new blog post done.

I’ll be back tomorrow!


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  1. Hi Kenneth,
    I finally found my way to your blog, courtesy of Hana’s.

    Keep up the great work, both of you!



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