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1Malaysia in action at Selayang Hot Spring

One aspect of our visit to the Selayang Hot Spring every week that I have not mentioned in depth is the spirit of 1Malaysia.

1Malaysia is the ideology that stresses national unity and ethnic tolerance. I think the atmosphere at the hot spring is clearly 1Malaysia in action.

1Malaysia at Selayang hot spring

Racial harmony at Selayang Hot Spring

It’s not merely the peaceful gathering of people of various races and of diverse religious background in one place.

We see that every day everywhere in the country.

What’s different here is that it is not the interaction between friends, co-workers or neighbors.

It is the rapport among strangers, freely exchanging ideas and helping each other as though we were all part of the same family, which in a sense, we are. Many gladly extend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

Today, we had the pleasure of meeting Saiful, who came equipped with a scoop at the end of a very long self-made pole. He used it to reach into the base of the hot pool to extract the sulfur, which he and his family applied on their skin.

All Hana did was ask his wife where they got the sulfur because it was very refined compared to the kind others extracted from another pond. Saiful immediately got up, reached for his scoop and went to get Hana some.

Selayang hot spring

Saiful gathering sulfur

This triggered a wave of requests from the other regulars, which Saiful gladly obliged, sacrificing his time with his family.

One family was very grateful as they needed it for their toddler who had some skin problem which itched a lot. (See pic below)

Toddler at Selayang hot spring

Toddler covered with sulfur

No one has any documented proof of the benefits of applying sulfur on one’s skin, but as Saiful’s wife says, mud packs and certain natural soaps are used, so natural sulfur should work just as well.

Some regulars claim that soaking their feet in the sulfur spring water has helped rid them of skin problems. I am one of them.

"Men in sulfur"

"Men in sulfur"

I have had a couple of dry patches of skin on my left foot for a long time. Never sought any treatment for it as it does not bother me physically.

Without intending to “treat” it at the spring, Hana suddenly pointed out one day that the patches were disappearing.

I guess I can attribute it to the spring water as I have not treated it in any other way.

As always, please treat any claims made on this blog with caution as they are merely the experiences of individuals. Seek medical advice before embarking on any new “treatment”

Will monitor the condition of the toddler. I hope it does help as he’s so young and keeps scratching and causing scars on his cute face and body.

And that’s my hot spring story for this week. Have a great week!

Part 1of our Selayang hot spring experience.

Part 2 of our Selayang hot spring experience.


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