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Water Conservation Tips

This month, I begin a series of blog posts focusing on conservation of energy. The tips below may refer to the holidays, but apply in our everyday lives too.


From City of Tampa Online:

The Southwest Florida Water Management District shares six easy ways to prepare for your holiday meals and parties without running up your water bill.

“It is especially important to conserve water during the holidays, as they fall within our traditional dry season,” said Robyn Felix, the District’s media relations manager. “We can all make a difference by incorporating a few simple tips into our routines.”

During the holidays, water plays a role in everything from food preparation to the clean-up process. Here’s how to incorporate water conservation into your holiday preparations:

1. Defrost frozen foods in the refrigerator or the microwave instead of running hot water over them.

water conservation

Conserve water

2. Rinse vegetables and fruits in a sink or pan filled with water instead of under running water. This water can then be reused to water houseplants. A running faucet can use up to 4 gallons per minute.

3. When washing dishes by hand, fill one sink or basin with soapy water and fill the rinsing sink one-third to one-half full. Avoid letting the water run continuously in the rinsing sink.

4. Select the proper size pans for cooking. Large pans require more cooking water than may be necessary.

5. Scrape food scraps into the garbage can or a composting bin, rather than rinsing them into the sink’s garbage disposal. A garbage disposal uses up to 4.5 gallons of water per minute.

6. Run your dishwasher only when you have a full load. Dishwashers use between 7 and 12 gallons per load.

For more water conservation tips, visit the District’s website at


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