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Chinese Year of the Horse 2014

Chinese Year of the Horse 2014

Hi Everyone! I’m back!

It’s the Chinese year of the wood horse and to kick off this auspicious year, I’ve decided to write again for online sites.

In preparation for contributing to a newsletter for a leadership website, I’m going to develop the habit of writing regularly by resuming my articles for Nothing profound or inspiring, just mainly brief news about things I witness or read about.

Who knows? I might earn a few bucks every month for a cup of coffee. Yes, they pay contributors based on the readership their articles generate. Not the kind of money to get me a Ferrari, but it’s the habit of writing I’m after.

Please don’t expect too much as I will not be putting too much journalistic effort in it. I’m saving my creativity and inspiration for something more meaningful like the leadership newsletter or my Facebook posts.

Here’s my first article for It’s titled

Auspicious gadgets for the Chinese Year of the Horse

Happy reading!



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