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Getting to know Kenneth Ang

Hi, I’m Kenneth.

I am married to Rehana and we live in Malaysia.

Both of us love animals, especially cats.  We’ve been rescuing sick and hurt kittens since 2005.  Unfortunately, due to space constraints, we can only manage eleven cats indoors.  We do feed another four cats outdoors.  They come to the house at mealtimes.

I am a project manager in an advertising agency.  I also freelance as a proofreader and copy editor.


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  1. Mia Serdareva

    Hello! 🙂

    I’m a starry-eyed idealist determined to do whatever I can to make people happier and better.

    One of my projects is a book compiled of motivational, inspirational or otherwise uplifting newspaper stories I’ve found on the internet. And one of these stories comes from your website.

    Here’s a link to it:

    I’ve hyperlinked the titles in the book to the sources for the sake of credibility. Also, I’ve provided the web address of each article at the end of the book, under References.
    In other words, I’ve done everything I could think of to state, acknowledge and advertise the authors and the media where these stories come from.
    The book’s title (which is not final) is “33 Newspaper Stories of Real-life Inspiration”.
    These are real stories of real, ordinary people who are positive examples to all of us.
    My intention is to distribute the book free on the internet.
    I beleive it can do a lot:
    – inspire
    – motivate
    – wake people up
    – urge readers to become better people
    – urge media to publish more positive news.

    I’m asking you for permission to use your story in this book for non-commercial, purely idealistic reasons.
    If I don’t get your permission, I’ll have to replace your story with another one. I truly hope this won’t be necessary, because I’ve selected this exact news from thousands of texts.

    If you want, I can email you the whole book at once.

    Thank you for your time!

    Looking forward to an answer!

    • Hi Mia,

      I love what you plan to do and I would be honored to be featured in your book. Yes, please send me a copy as I enjoy being inspired too.

      Keep doing what you are doing and good things will come to you!



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